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We are on a mission to raise up Christ-like leaders who are a light in the world. “Petite Lumière” means “little light.” We encourage our students to be a light wherever they go - in their school, their families, their friendships, and their sports teams. Children may be little, but their life has immeasurable worth and value with the ability to positively change the world. 


We accomplish our mission by impacting one child, one parent, and one teacher at a time. The intentional care we provide for each person in the educational community sets us apart as a school.

We value every “one” and believe:

  • One child who grows in wisdom, stature, and favor will be a light in the world.

  • One parent who feels seen, supported, and connected will be a light in the world.

  • One teacher who is loved, valued, and believed in will be a light in the world.


We value and protect these truths within our school community. Each standard is foundational when we onboard new families, hire educators, and evaluate the success of our school. 


We Preach the Gospel: In our songs, our curriculum, with our words and with our lives. We celebrate and share the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a way people can understand.


We Are Planted in Church: Active involvement in a local church is how we stay healthy spiritually and connected relationally. 

We Lead Like Champions: Our confidence and competence is not based on our skill and talent, but on the glorious victory of our Savior Jesus Christ. We stand tall in that victory. Even our youngest children know: “I’m a leader, people follow me, I make wise decisions.”

We Serve the Whole Family: Exceptional care goes beyond the child. Parent involvement is key to educational success. We believe families thrive in a life-giving community where parents feel encouraged and equipped.

We Believe the Best in Each Other: Our parents, teachers, and administration partner together in a positive way to support the growth and development of our students. We communicate collaboratively with grace, encouragement and understanding. 

We Continually Grow: Our curriculum, events, and conversations are designed to help us grow in all areas of life. We love learning and strive to become better students, teachers, and parents every day. 


We Respect Each Other's Time: Our school hours are designed to protect times of rest and encourage a healthy work life balance. 

We Dress For Success: Our appearance reflects the spirit of excellence and professionalism that our school carries. 

We Create a Safe Environment: Our words, our staff, our policies and procedures ensure the physical and emotional safety of the people we serve.

We Speak the Truth in Love: We don’t shy away from conversations that make us better. We call each other higher and speak honestly with a heart of compassion.

We Value a Child's God-given Identity: God wonderfully and immutably created each child as male or female to reflect the image of God. We raise our children to be in alignment with who God says they are.

We Love What We Get to Do: It is our greatest joy and honor to be trusted with raising up the next generation.

our team


As we began to build this school, we prayed for teachers who were overqualified and passionate about raising up Christ-like leaders. We searched high and low for people who would carry our vision with excellence and ownership. The team we built is truly special. We can’t wait for you to meet them!


head of school

Morgan Tuilovoni

Morgan earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the College of the Ozarks. She worked in Development at a ministry for several years before transitioning into early childhood education in 2020. Morgan and her husband, Joseph, founded a school called Little World Changers (LWC) in 2021 prior to launching Petite Lumière Preparatory School. They have two wonderful children named Sailas and Lomani. As a family, they enjoy finding the best parks and family-friendly activities in DFW. They also love eating Fijian and Vietnamese food and traveling the world - especially to Joseph’s home country, Australia.


executive director

Joseph Tuilovoni

Joseph served as an Engineer in the Australian Military for 11 years. He also played Rugby for the Australian Defense Force, which allowed him the privilege of traveling the world. In 2017, Joseph moved to America to marry his wife, Morgan. Together, they serve in youth ministry at Shoreline City Church. Joseph enjoys JiuJitsu and going to the movies with his son Sailas. He also loves taking his daughter Lomani on special dates to her favorite place, the pet store, so she can see all the “puppies.”



Allie Grice

Allie earned Bachelor's degrees in Education and Psychology from Southern Methodist University. Since 2018, she has served in children’s ministry at Shoreline City Church teaching, training, and writing curriculum. Allie has her Texas Teaching Certification and previously taught in Frisco ISD before joining the Tuilovonis in 2021 to build LWC. She is grateful to help launch another school under their leadership. Allie dreams of becoming a mom one day and loves being an honorary “Auntie” to other precious babies in the meantime. Allie and her husband, Marc, enjoy traveling the world together. Switzerland has been their favorite adventure so far!

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We are hiring!

At Petite Lumière Preparatory School, we foster a school environment where teachers thrive. While we are far from perfect, we promise to uphold these truths:

  • We love you for who you are, not what you do.

  • We value you for your investment in each child.

  • We believe in your passion, purpose, and future.

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