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We are an early learning school that partners with families to provide Christ-centered education to students with a focus on academic excellence, leadership development, and Christian discipleship. 



Beauchamp Family.jpg

“Being first time parents and navigating childcare came with a lot of fears and unknowns. We are so thankful we found this school because we know when we drop off our daughter, she is walking into an environment where she is loved, pursued, and poured into. She has grown into a confident leader and is constantly surprising us with what she learned at school. This school truly feels like an extended family.”

The Beauchamp Family

“This school has a warm, Christ-centered learning environment that instantly made us feel confident that our son Fitz was well cared for! We were able to get connected with so many other parents through the family events, and most importantly, we saw Fitz developing the characteristics that we sought for him. The staff fosters a spirit of thankfulness, gentleness, and enthusiasm for learning.”

The Hunter Family

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Butler Family.JPG

“This was the first place that we trusted to nurture our son outside of our home. He had an amazing transition and looked forward to seeing his friends and teachers each day. They made sure to send plenty of updates throughout the day which reassured us that our son was in great hands!”

The Butler Family

“Our son started attending when he was 18 months old. Since then, we have seen exponential growth in only a few short months. As parents, it is such a blessing to have a place where we feel our child is loved fully and raised up to be a leader in the world, even at such a young age.” 

The Papapostolou Family

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Lawal Family.jpeg

“There are so many things we love about this school. From the intentionality in the curriculum to the kind hearted teachers and learning environment - our little one thrived here. We love how small the class size is and the personal attention our child receives. This is more than just a school; it’s a safe place that fosters growth mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for our child.”

The Lawal Family

“This school has been a turning point for us. There’s a before and after version of the foundational fabric of our family. Being a part of a program like this has catapulted our belief system and absolutely re-calibrated how we plan to raise our children. Our daughter Wonder is not being “watched,” she is being built. There is simply no greater gift to a parent than that.”

The Boland Family

Boland Family.jpeg
Egwu Family.JPG

“Our son Glenn previously attended another school, and it was painful taking him to school every morning. He cried and was not excited to attend. After speaking to Morgan and learning about the vision of the school, we’ve never been so aligned with the quality of education we wanted for Glenn. The teachers built strong relationships with him, and he was excited to attend. A few months after enrolling, Glenn’s communication improved tremendously. He is now more friendly, engaging and empathetic towards people.”

The Egwu Family

“The love they have for our child is evident from the first interaction of the day to the last. Their patience and consistency in the classroom translates into our home, helping us guide and teach our toddler about kindness, honor, and listening - on top of getting him Pre-K ready. When parents ask us where to send their kid, we always say this school without hesitation. Our family is so grateful for their influence and impact.”

The Muenzer Family

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Cantor Family.jpeg

“This school is what we dreamed of as new parents but wasn’t sure existed! It has been a consistent place for our son to learn about God and be challenged by a comprehensive curriculum. He is around teachers who love him and believe in who God has called him to be. Be prepared for these teachers to go above and beyond in pictures, arts and crafts, games, outings for the kids, and creating an environment for parents to gather together in community. We are grateful!”

The Cantor Family

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